microsoft, make this and I’m yours

Latest BUILD conference have shown up many interesting progress with Windows 10. Depending on where you stand, the Empire is either striking back or the Force is awakening.

If Lumia comes out with a phone of:

  • 720p / 1080p (why waste battery on more pixels?) 5″ screen
  • PureView optical image stablization camera
  • Enough horsepower to have Continuum run like a business machine (i.e. Word and a few tabs in Firefox)
  • An external (mini) HDMI
  • Removable battery

I can see myself using this as a phone on the run and as a desktop when I’m back at home.

And if it can power this screen like a Surface 3 – I’m all Microsoft’s in a heartbeat.


(Pre-release Surface 3 demo at Microsoft Store)

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