stupid hp

Context: upgrading to Win7 flagged an unforseen problem – the HP LaserJet 1015 does not work with 64bit version of the OS. This in and of itself is stupid enough, but further stupidity abound.

Instead of providing a driver on its website like every other manufacturer, HP’s website simply offer the ‘solution’ of using Windows Update to find the driver. In this case all of this is moot because Windows doesn’t have the driver, because HP doesn’t supply it.

But even if the driver was available, why wouldn’t you just provide it on your website instead of relying on someone elses’s update feature that is notorious for being a bit of a hit and miss? I’m already at your website!

The solution, if anyone is interested, came from a forum post: install the LaserJet 3050 PCL that comes with Win7; its a hack, but its the only way to get this working without more frustration.

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