IFA tidbits

Interesting stuff coming out of IFA in Berline this week.

  1. Beating Microsoft to release the first Continuum device, Acer Jade Primo. (But these guys really need to work on their stagecraft; the whole segment feels unpolished – and not in a cool way).
  2. If you are going to go big, go BIG! Lenovo’s almost 7 inch PHAB and PHAB PLUS sound crazy, but is it? Most large phones are no longer pocketable anyway, so why not encroach on a tablet’s territory with a built-in 3/4G radio? This could be the perfect mobile suite for some road warriors, if paired with a decent bluetooth headset (after all, no road warrior would want to look at a douche holding this up to their ears).
  3. I’m more and more convinced that stick-computing is all anyone needs at home (i.e. non-work usage; and even for work if all one does it on the web and the occasional Word/Excel/Powerpoint). What kills these sticks are processor intensive tasks like Windows Update. ASUS Vivostick with the latest Cherry Trail should go a little way to alleviate some the pain with the current Bay Trail devices, whether tablets or sticks. This sort of specs is perfect for my parent’s next PC.

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