microsoft game changers

  • Xbox One running with Win10 (around the 5min mark)
  • Hololens mixed reality gaming (around the 13min mark)
  • Band liftstyle device (around the 20min mark)
  • Lumia 950 & 950 XL (around the 31min mark)
  • Surface Pro 4 (around the 50min mark)
  • Windows Hello biometric authentication (around the 1 hr 13 min mark)
  • Surface Book (around the 1 hr 15 min mark)

But more than the parts themselves, its the sum that matters – the Microsoft ecosystem has just inched ahead of Google’s in cohesion and integration.

Still trailing Apple, but history has shown Microsoft to be dangerous in pursuit. And this time they seem to have garnered a bit of flair as well (c.f. VP Parnos Panay at the 30min mark).

Microsoft was always the consummate imitator – and this event shows how much they’ve ‘learnt’ from Apple. Game on!

A lingering question after the event: what does the future hold for all those OEMs?

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