windows 10 calendar

Found this post at reddit that is tempting me to click yes to that ‘upgrade to Windows 10’ notification:

Anyway, jumping forward to Windows 10.. I noticed that the calendar app baked into Windows 10 will let you sign into iCloud, it will let you sign into a Google account, in addition to your account, so BAM! The Windows 10 calendar app is all kinds of awesome for the way my family and I use various calendars. I can finally automate all of them together in one spot. In my testing it syncs back and updates/deletes/etc on all of them correctly. I’m super happy about that.

So much so that I’ve contemplated going to Windows 10 NOW and not waiting for the July 29th public build – JUST because of that one feature. 🙂

One minor nit about that. The Windows 10 calendar app doesn’t sync the chosen calendar colors down from iCloud and Google, it would be nice if it did since I spent the time on those services getting them the way I want.

Anyone with devices spanning the 3 MAG ecosystems will appreciate how amazing this would be.

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