first father’s day present

This year’s Father’s Day isn’t my first, but it is the first where I received a gift for being a father 🙂 Of course Anna picked it and footed the bill, but this was the moment where Micaiah understood the concept of giving a gift away (instead of receiving it) – which is pretty special in my mind as we hope that he’ll learn to be generous for the rest of his life.

The present I got is a really good coffee grinder- and making it even better was the fact that it was on sale for half price! I’m pretty excited about it, so much so that I havn’t even opened it yet. Just waiting to finish off a packet of ground coffee I bought at Coles before I set it all up and grind some beans from a friend who roast his own beans – our plunger is getting a bit of workout at the moment 🙂

On a less jovial note, I found two stubs of white hair in my beard on the side of my face!

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