tsk tsk tsk lenovo

Various outlets are reporting the news that Lenovo has been installing adware on brand new PCs straight off the factory floor – i.e. there’s no one else they can blame this on.

While the practice of bundling software that ‘adds to the user experience’ has been around for a long time, this is something that is hidden and not straightforward to uninstall. Worse, there’s rumour that this adware installs its own self-signing certificate that could be put to nefarious use.

I always wondered about this bundling thing; I would much rather have a clean install that is blazing fast rather than semi-useful bloatware cluttering my machine. The latter annoys me, the former cements the brand in the what-would-I-get-next shortlist.

This might seriously unseat ThinkPads on that list. That is a sad thought.

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