mac annoyances

The new M1 Apple Silicone seems to be a game changer for productive use of laptops. Windows still offer better value proposition if limited to office-type work; there are sub-$1000 laptops that are lightweight yet sufficiently endowed to handle any such workload. However, if any video work is required, it seems that the M1 offers a level of performance that can only be matched with an external GPU on a PC, thereby increasing the cost and also at an expense to battery life. This is why the M1 is the front runner to be my next laptop.

However, a few MacOS annoyances that hopefully have solutions/workarounds:

  1. I hate how the Dock works in MacOS. It is so much easier to get an immediate visual summary of what applications are open – which I want to access at a given time – on Window’s Taskbar. MacOS has always had the strange paradigm of “close” not equaling “quit” – so the Dock could indicate that an application is “open” but what that really means is the application is “not quit” yet its corresponding window does not exists in the desktop view.
  2. I don’t know why you can’t Cut files and folders in Finder. The option is there in the Edit menu just greyed out. So to move a file, you have to Copy from the source directory, go to the destination directory to Paste, and then go back to the source directory to move the file to Trash. Why not just enable Cut? Absolutely stupid.
  3. Snapping of windows is not built in. Nor is automatic resizing of Finder window. If you are unfortunate enough to drag-and-drop (because there is no Cut-and-Paste!) a file into a far corner of the Finder window that isn’t within the viewing area the next time Finder is opened – you’d have a heart attack that the file has disappeared but its just sitting out of view waiting for you to scroll horizontally to see it. Absolute time waster.

Need to find some solutions to these.

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