hooked on cup a soup

I had very little hopes when I poured the mixture into my mug.  But it was MYC, it was cold, I felt like something savoury, and someone had given me this pack of Asian Thai Red Curry soup by Continental. Oh did it break all my reservations about packet soup! It was delicious!

Came home, told Anna about it, and she was as skeptical as I was. She suggested that it may have been because of the unusual circumstances of MYC – the cold, less food intake, atypical Aussie cuisine. All very valid points, but surely my taste buds are more objective than that?

We bought some more (thanks to specials pretty much every week alternating between Coles and Woolies), and proved once for all that these soup DO taste delicious (or perhaps both our taste buds have regressed :D), and we now have the perfect winter-warmer accompaniment to our sandwich lunch!

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