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it’s elementary

In an hour’s time the American remake of the famous Sherlock Holmes legend will be aired on Channel 10, and as Holmes would say, the decision to watch it is elementary.

Not just because I’m a Sherlock fan (I used to read kid’s versions back in Taiwan, in Chinese!), not just because the recent remakes have been thoroughly entertaining (kudos to Englishmen Guy Richie and theย BBC), but much more so because of the female, Asian, Dr. Watson – what a clever clever insight into our modern society ๐Ÿ™‚

first father’s day present

This year’s Father’s Day isn’t my first, but it is the first where I received a gift for being a father ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course Anna picked it and footed the bill, but this was the moment where Micaiah understood the concept of giving a gift away (instead of receiving it) – which is pretty special in my mind as we hope that he’ll learn to be generous for the rest of his life.

The present I got is a really good coffee grinder- and making it even better was the fact that it was on sale for half price! I’m pretty excited about it, so much so that I havn’t even opened it yet. Just waiting to finish off a packet of ground coffee I bought at Coles before I set it all up and grind some beans from a friend who roast his own beans – our plunger is getting a bit of workout at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

On a less jovial note, I found two stubs of white hair in my beard on the side of my face!

hooked on cup a soup

I had very little hopes when I poured the mixture into my mug.ย  But it was MYC, it was cold, I felt like something savoury, and someone had given me this pack of Asian Thai Red Curry soup by Continental. Oh did it break all my reservations about packet soup! It was delicious!

Came home, told Anna about it, and she was as skeptical as I was. She suggested that it may have been because of the unusual circumstances of MYC – the cold, less food intake, atypical Aussie cuisine. All very valid points, but surely my taste buds are more objective than that?

We bought some more (thanks to specials pretty much every week alternating between Coles and Woolies), and proved once for all that these soup DO taste delicious (or perhaps both our taste buds have regressed :D), and we now have the perfect winter-warmer accompaniment to our sandwich lunch!

5th eofy

Not that 5 is any significant number for us or for anything, but it feels like a bit of a milestone to take stock and give thanks to God. Much has happened for our family that went from two 5 years ago to the four of us now; I think neither Anna nor myself could’ve understood the immense impact having kids would have on our marriage and life in general, but at the same time that greater responsibility and effort translate very directly to immense joy in seeing Micaiah and Jemimah grow physically, in maturity (well, as much a 3.5 year and 1.5 year olds can be :D), and also spiritually. It hasn’t been without some difficult and trying bits here and there (not to mention having to face the stark reality of how selfish and unloving I can be; marriage and children makes no room to hide these realisations), but we trust that in all things God can shape us to be more like His Son – so we hope that we’ll keep learning the lessons as a couple together.

Hello world!

We are back form hiatus! After the hacking incident late last year I’ve been reviewing whether we should continue hosting this on our own infrastructure or go with online services (e.g., Tumblr) – or even joining Facebook instead (*gasp, for those who know my desire to stay off the popular social network).

But in the end, mandatory advertising to keep these sites free and a rude shock when Tumblr dropped a significant feature without announcement (for another project) convinced me back to give this another go. We shall see how well we go!