using a surface pro 3

I’m typing this using a Surface Pro 3 with Type Cover – on loan from work. Initially I had doubts about its ‘lapability’, but after using it tonight on the couch whilst watching TV, I’m convinced that it can work as well as a traditional laptop.

Coincidentally I spent about a half hour in the Microsoft Store frantically typing on one laptop after the other. None of them had a good enough keyboard in my opinion. The Type Cover I’m using at the moment is heaps better in terms of travel and key size.

However, the track pad on the Type Cover is quite small, and still not as responsive as MacBook’s implementation; using it to scroll puts my wrist at a weird angle that will no doubt cause problems in the future. But that’s when the Surface’s actual screen comes in handy – once I remember that it is indeed touch enabled.

All this prompted me to fill out the ThinkPad Retro surveys. Having used all these keyboards (MacBook included), I’m really hoping for an ultrabook ThinkPad that has the Trackpoint and the classic keyboard.


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